Consulting Missions

The field of expertise of AEDES is Public Health at large and, thanks to a pioneering work in the 80's, a niche competence in information systems for food security (early warning).

  • AEDES provides technical advises, conducts studies, surveys, research services, mission formulation or evaluation in the field of Public Health.
  • AEDES also implements long-term projects and programs in support health systems, funded by bilateral or multilateral cooperation.

These studies are generally organized in short or medium term missions and encompass all stages of the project management cycle, including identification, formulation, monitoring and evaluation.

These studies are concerning a broad range of themes, for example:

  • Strategic planning of the hospital modernisation programme in Morocco, preliminary studies, selection of 17 target hospitals, Production of investment plans, financial analysis (European Investment Bank)
  • Evaluation of health projects financed by the European Investment Bank in Europe.
  • Strengthening public-private partnership and developing a strategy for sustainability of programs against HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis in Mauritania.
  • Institutional and organizational audit of the Department of Public Health in Burundi.
  • Upgrading of blood transfusion in Madagascar.
  • Health financing in Congo, creation of health services purchase funds in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Operational Research

Research is necessary to improve health actions, it is one of AEDES' base activities. Research is primarily articulated on health programs that we implement. The results are integrated in our programme strategies and are used to develop specific training.
Research projects in developing countries and in Europe are conducted in collaboration with public health institutions and universities (the Free University of Brussels, the Catholic University of Louvain, the CERDI in Clermont-Ferrand; the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, the Department of Public Health Xavier Bichat in Paris...), or in collaboration with other partners as in the case of the RHINO system for health information systems.

- Research Areas:

  • Planning and management of health systems
  • Health Economics
  • Performance Base Financing
  • Health care Payment Systems
  • Health information systems
  • Hospital management
  • Quality of Medicines
  • Food Security

Training in Public Health

One of AEDES priorities is the transfer of technical expertise in particular in all matters affecting the management of health services. In this context, AEDES has heavily invested in training development, both in Europe and in developing countries.
AEDES training is organised in modules. All modules are independent, but can be connected in a logical manner. The modules are based on AEDES direct experience of on the ground and on the research output.